Feedback 21

June 02, 2011 | author: Rob <r0bstr (at]> |

comment on article ``Ranting at MEC'': I noticed that they did'n answer your consern about: " What happened to all the good employees? " You wrote: It used to be that nearly every employee was a knowledgeable, enthusiastic outdoors-person of some description. This now seems to be the exception rather than the rule. More often than not, it is hard (or impossible) to find someone who has used a particular product."

I was part of the professional group (1995-2004) of employees that used to exist there, and was so for 9 years at the Toronto location. There was a time when MEC would only higher outdoor professionals or highly skilled non- professionals to work in their stores. Today they will hire any shmo who wears a piece of gore-tex and can tie their own laces. So it's no surprise that you can't find anyone who is knowledgeable about the equipment. I could answer your question in fine details,including the downturn of professional service but MEC won't like it.

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