Federal Election

November 01, 2000 |

Coverage of the next Canadian federal election, including relevant links, essays and feedback.

Democracy works best when the electorate is informed of the issues, informed of the implications of various policies (or, more like, proposed policies) and -- most importantly -- when they actually vote. This section attempts to help with the informing part; voting is up to you.

Of course, the information herein is biased; I have certain views and attempt to promote them, but I also attempt to back up my positions with sound facts. If you have some sound facts you think I should incorporate into my views, please send them along. If you have opposing views, please send them along (explicitly say so if you don't want them published here when sending to feedback [at]mike-warren.com).

I would be very pleased to re-print (obviously with credit) any essays anyone might have about election-related issues. Please send any such document to feedback [at] mike-warren.com. Also, feel free to send comments and criticisms about any essays at this site, or about any articles I have linked to.

I do not support any political party; I think the party system is stupid. Come election time, I will vote for the party whose policies most closely resembles my views. If a member for that party is not running in my riding, or if a different candidate appears to more closely support my views, they will get my vote. ``Strategic'' voting is stupid; vote for the candidate you think should represent you because anything else is a wasted vote.

Topic coverage at mike-warren.com is a combination of explicit inclusion, keyword matching, regular expression matching and just plain old luck. If you see something here which doesn't look like it belongs, please bring it to my attention; it probably just snuck by the various Python magic which cobbles together this Web site. Conversely, if you know of something which isn't here but should be, please also bring that to my attention.

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